Atatürkün Koronolojik Hayatı İngilizce

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Atatürkün Koronolojik Hayatı İngilizce


Atatürkün Koronolojik Hayatı

İngilizce Atatürkün Koronolojik Hayatı

1881: He was born in Salonika.

1893: Military Junior High School came and took the name of Kemal.

1895: Graduated from Thessaloniki Rüştiyesi'ni Military, Military İdadisi'ne entered the monastery.

1899 March 13: Infantry class entered the Military Academy in Istanbul.

And published here in 1902 and entered the Military Academy.

January 11 1905: Graduated from the Military Academy as Captain Sham, 5 The Army's 30th Cavalry
Regiment was assigned to do an internship.

October 1906: Homeland and Freedom Society in Damascus founded. Did his internship and Kolağası artillery was in Damascus.

1908 July 23: Constitutional Monarchy works to be announced.

1909 March 31: March 31, worked as a staff officer in the Army Rebellion Movement.

September 13 1911: Mustafa Kemal was appointed to live on the General Staff in Istanbul.

November 27 1911: Mustafa Kemal rose to Major.

January 9th 1912 by Mustafa Kemal, directed the attack Tobruk Tripoli.

October 27 1913: Mustafa Kemal was appointed to Sofia Ateşemiliterliği'ne.

March 1st 1914 by Mustafa Kemal promoted to Lt. Colonel.

February 2nd 1915 by Mustafa Kemal, the 19th Tekirdağı'nda Division established.

February 25 1915: Mustafa Kemal Maydos'a course.

April 25 1915: Mustafa Kemal, Ariburnu withstood Entente States.

June 1st 1915: the rise of Colonel Mustafa Kemal.

August 9 1915: Mustafa Kemal was appointed Commander of Anafartalar Group.

August 10 1915: Mustafa Kemal, Anafartalar threw back the enemy.

1916 April 1: The rise of Brigadier General Mustafa Kemal.

August 6th 1916 by Mustafa Kemal, has saved the hands of enemies in Bitlis and Mus.

September 20 1917: Mustafa Kemal, wrote a report describing the status of the country and the army.

October 1917: Mustafa Kemal returned to Istanbul.

October 26 1918: Mustafa Kemal, north of Aleppo today stopped the enemy attacks on our borders.

1918 October 30: the signing of the armistice at Mudros.

October 31 1918: Mustafa Kemal appointed Commander of Lightning Group of Armies.

November 13 1918: Mustafa Kemal Yildirim Army Group Command, the removal and return to

Istanbul. 1919Nisan 30: Mustafa Kemal Erzurum in the 9th Appointment of the Army Inspectorate.

1919 May 15: Greeks in Izmir military campaign.

May 16 1919: Mustafa Kemal left Istanbul boat fixed.

May 19 1919: Mustafa Kemal arrived in Samsun.

June 15 1919: Mustafa Kemal, 3 Was promoted to Army Inspector.

June 21 1919: Mustafa Kemal, the National Forces called the Sivas Congress.

1919 July 8/9: Mustafa Kemal, taken from the military. (Time: 20:50)

July 23 1919: Mustafa Kemal, a Representative Committee under the chairmanship of collecting and selecting the disintegration of the Erzurum Congress. (August 7, 1919)

September 4th 1919 by Mustafa Kemal, under the chairmanship of the Sivas Congress, the collection and ending on September 11.

September 11 1919: Mustafa Kemal, President of Anatolia and Rumelia Defence of Rights Association was strewn Temsiliyesi delegation.

1919 October 22: Amasya Protocol signed.

November 7 1919: Mustafa Kemal was elected deputy from Erzurum.

1919Aralık 27: Mustafa Kemal, the delegation arrived in Ankara with Temsiliye'yle.

1920 March 20: the conquest of Istanbul by the Entente Powers, Mustafa Kemal's protest, a

1920 March 18: The last meeting of the Chamber of Deputies in Istanbul.

March 19 1920: Mustafa Kemal by the National Assembly in Ankara concerning the collection of a superior authority with the announcement Providing provinces.

April 23 1920: Mustafa Kemal led the Grand National Assembly in Ankara, Turkey.

April 24 1920: Mustafa Kemal was elected President of the Grand National Assembly.

1920Mayıs 5: The first Government meeting of the leadership of Mustafa Kemal.

May 11 1920: Mustafa Kemal, was sentenced to death by the Istanbul government.

1920Mayıs 24: Mustafa Kemal's sentence was approved by the Sultan.

August 10 1920: The Ottoman Empire signed the Treaty of Sevres between the Allies delegates.

1920 January 9/10: First İnönü War.

1921 January 20: First Fundamental Organization (Constitution) Act based on the adoption of provisions.

1921 March 30 / April 1: The Second Battle of Inonu.

May 10 1921: Mustafa Kemal Anadola by the Grand National Assembly and Rumelia Defence of Rights
Group, Group President for the establishment and election of Mustafa Kemal.

August 5 1921: Mustafa Kemal given the task of the Supreme Military Command.

22 Augustus 1921: Mustafa Kemal, the start of administration of the Battle of Sakarya.

1921 September 13: the acquisition of the Battle of Sakarya.

September 19 1921: Mustafa Kemal promoted to Field Marshal to take the title of Gazi Mustafa

Kemal's been degraded, and giving.

1922Ağustos 26: Great Attack manage Kocatepe, Gazi Mustafa Kemal.

1922 August 30: Battle Field Commander Gazi Mustafa Kemal won Dumlupınar.

1922 September 1: Gazi Mustafa Kemal: "Soldiers! The first target is the Mediterranean, Forward!" give the order.

September 9 1922: Izmir, the Turkish army to enter.

September 10 1922: The arrival of Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Izmir.

October 11 1922: the signing of the armistice at Mudanya.

1922 November 1: Gazi Mustafa Kemal's proposal on the abolition of the sultanate.

1922 November 17: Vahdettin escape of a British battleship, Istanbul.

1923 January 29: Gazi Mustafa Kemal married Latife Hanim.

1923 July 24: the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne.

August 9 1923: establishment of Gazi Mustafa Kemal's People's Party.

August 11 1923: Mustafa Kemal 2 Chairman of the Grand National Assembly election.

October 29 1923: proclamation of the Republic.

1923 October 29: to be the first President Mustafa Kemal.

March 1 1924: abolition of the caliphate and the Grand National Assembly Gazi Mustafa Kemal, Speech to say the opening of education should be combined.

March 3 1924: abolition of the Caliphate, combining education, Şer'iyeve Vekaletiyle Awqaf
(Ministry), Erkanıharbiyei abolition of the Ministry of the General Assembly on the adoption of the laws of the Grand National.

1924 April 20: Fundamental Organization of the Republic of Turkey (Constitutional) Law, be adopted.

1925 February 17: abolition of tithes.

1925 August 24: Gazi Mustafa Kemal's first time to wear a hat in Kastamonu.

1925 November 25: Hats acceptance of the Grand National Assembly Act.

1925 November 30: Tekken adoption of the law on the closure.

1925 December 26: International adoption of the calendar and clock.

1926 February 17: the adoption of the Turkish Civil Code.

1927 July 1: go to Istanbul for the first time in his capacity as President of Gazi Mustafa Kemal.

1927 October 15/20: Gazi Mustafa Kemal's Republican People's Party 2 Date of congress say the
Great Speech.

1927 November 1: Gazi Mustafa Kemal 2 Once selected the presidency.

August 9 1928: Speech on the Turkish alphabet to say Sarayburnu Gazi Mustafa Kemal.

1928 November 3: The Turkish Grand National Assembly the adoption of the Law on the letters.

1931 April 15: the establishment of Gazi Mustafa Kemal by the Turkish Historical Society.

May 4 1931: election of Gazi Mustafa Kemal 3.kez presidency.

1932 July 12: the establishment of Gazi Mustafa Kemal by the Turkish Language Association.

1933 October 29: Gazi Mustafa Kemal's republic 10 Speech on the anniversary of remark.

1934 November 24: Grand National Assembly Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's surname given by the adoption of the law.

1937 May 1: Ataturk and Ankara Municipality to donate the property of their farms to the Treasury and can not be moved. March 31 1938: The first official announcement of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of Atatürk's illness.

1938 September 15: Ataturk to write his will.

1938 October 16: daily official announcements about the publication of the illness of Atatürk started.
November 10 1938: The death of Atatürk. (Thursday, hours: 9:05)

1938 November 11: Istanbul City Council to make an extraordinary meeting. Coat of the Presidential palace instead of deducting the withdrawal of Turkish Flag lowered to half.

1938 November 12: Atatürk's death, therefore, the youth of Higher Education in the Conference Hall of the university collection.

1938 November 13: Youth in the Republic founded by Ataturk in Taksim Republic Monument protect the oath in front of the gathering.

1938 November 14: Grand National Assembly held a meeting with a very sorrowful.

1938 November 15: The government in Ankara Atatürk's eternal resting place as a national day of mourning announced date of November 21, 1938 will be placed.

1938 November 16: katafalkı from Istanbul Ataturk in front of the Dolmabahce Palace, Throne Hall in the last hours of the night until the early morning hours of the last duties of respect and sorrow, they did.

1938 November 19: A large ceremony, the funeral of the great Ataturk from Dolmabahce palace, before the Seraglio Point, and from there taken to Victory torpidosuyla Izmit zırhlısıyla götürüldü.Yavuz armored coffin, there were passengers in Ankara.

1938 November 20: Atatürk sevgilinaşı arrived in Ankara and Ankara was to bring the catafalque in front of the Grand National Assembly. Made in respect of Ankara last respects.

1938 November 21: Atatürk's funeral in the Museum of Ethnography introduction of a temporary grave.

1938 November 25: Opening vasiyetnamesinin Ataturk.

1938 December 26: Ataturk's "Eternal Leader" of the reference to the adoption of glory.

November 4 1953: opening of Ataturk's temporary Kabri'nin.

November 10 1953: transfer of the Mausoleum of Ataturk's funeral.




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