İngilizce Beşiktaş tanıtımı, Beşiktaşın ingilizce anlatımı

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İngilizce Beşiktaş tanıtımı, Beşiktaşın ingilizce anlatımı


İngilizce Beşiktaş tarihi,
beşiktaşın ingilizce tanıtımı
BJK tanıtımı ingilizce


1903 Besiktas has been founded in 1903 under the name "Besiktas Bereket Jimnastik Kulubu" (Besiktas Bereket Gymnastics Club) with colors red and white Gymnastics, Wresting and Weight Lifting were the first sport activities

1903Besiktas Club Emblem Symbolizes the Foundation DateThe first white stick stands for 1 The three black sticks stands for 3, and the second white stick stands for second 1 The whole emblem consists of 9 components and these 4 numbers grouped together stand for Arabic time unit the year 1319 Contemporary calender this is 1903

The star and the crescent symbolize the honour of being the first sport club to register

1905 During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II all sport activites and meetings were limited Although the founders of Besiktas were related to the palace, to avoid reactions they had to change the name of the club to "Osmanlı Besiktas Terbiye-i Bedenniye Mektebi" (Ottoman Besiktas Sports School)

1908Following the inauguration of the parliament second time in 1908 and the liberation of establishing associations Beşiktaş changed her name to "Osmanlı Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu"(Ottoman Besiktas Gymnastic Club)

1910Beşiktaş has been the first Turkish Club to register the name in 13 January 1910

1911Football started being attractive to Besiktas sporters Same year 2 local football clubs in district of Beşiktaş joined the club Conseguently football became no1 sport activity in Beşiktaş

1912During the 1912 Balkan war most of the members of Beşiktaş joined the army for the defense of the country

Therefore all sports activities in all branches were stopped Due to the losses of lives in war the red color was converted to black by the decision of the congress there on Beşiktaş was represented by Black and White colors in all sports activities

1914During the World War I , again all Besiktas members and managers joined the army for defending the country

However not all of them succeeded to come back

1918 Following the 1918 Mondros Treaty, Istanbul was conquered by the foreign forces This period was not easy for the club Most of the rewards, cups and medals were lost in this period However Besiktas managed to survıve and started sports activities in all branches following the war

1920 Besiktas football team in her history received the first cup of championship in 1920 after beating Darusafaka 2-1

1923Following the declerations of the Republic in 1923 the name of the club has been changed for the last time and became "Besiktas Jimnastik Kulubu" (Besiktas Gymnastics Club)

During the last 100 years Besiktas JK has the honor of being active in more then 25 branches in sports history of Turkey and supporting sport activities and creating sports facilities for the youth

1933Seref Bey the founder of Beşiktaş Football branch possed away one day prior to Istanbul League Final match with Fenerbahçe in the season of 1932-33 On 16 June 1933 Besiktas Football Team for the first time wore all Black uniforms Fenerbahce also wore black strips on arms Although Besiktas could not change the score after 66 attacks, received the nickname "Black Eagles" from the supporters

1935 Besiktas JK organized "Ataturk Sports Day" together with Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and Gunesspor on 24 May1935 Later with the proposal of Besiktas JK "19 May Youth and Sports Festival" has been celebrated every year


The emblem of Besiktas symbolizes the foundation date There are two white and
three black bars on the emblem It consists of a total of nine parts

The first white bar shows 1
The tree black bars show3
The second white bar shows1
Number of bars is 9

The Arabic calender was being used in Ottoman Empire and 1319 is the foundation year of Besiktas in Arabic calender, which is the year 1903 in modern calender

Besiktas JK had gained the right to use The Turkish Flag in its Emblem due to play against Greece National Team in the name of Turkish National Team once before No other club has the right to use Turkish Flag in their Emblems Turkish Flag is a gift of Turkish Football Federation

Colors: Black and White

When Besiktas was founded, the colors of the club were Red and White After the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913, the Ottoman Empire lost most of the Balkan lands and left many deads including some of the sportsmen of the club This was a black day for the all nation

Then Besiktas decided to change its Red and White colors to Black and White, as the Black is the symbol of mourning, until all of the Balkan lands are taken back by the Turks

But the Turks could not get the Balkan lands back and the colors of Besiktas stayed Black and White

Why Black Eagles

In the 1932-33 season, when the teams came to the last week, Fenerbahce was the leader and Besiktas was the second two points after Fenerbahce, and the last game was between Besiktas and Fenerbahce

To be the champion, Besiktas might definitely win the game, a tie or loss would make Fenerbahce the champion Seref Bey who is the one of the greatest personality in Besiktas history passed away just one days before the big game with Fenerbahce

All Besiktas world was very sad and they played with black socks, shorts and black jersey All players were throughout black, because black is the symbol of mourning

All black dressed players attacked Fenerbahce from 1st thru 90th minute They had 66 attacks on Fenerbahce but unfortunately could not score any of them

Besiktas lost the championship that year, but all black dressed Besiktas was spoken in every corner of Istanbul
- They were unbelievable
- What a great team
- They were attacking like eagles
- They were like Black Eagles

Besiktas won something maybe more important than the championship:

It was the glory and the honor of being named as BLACK EAGLES

Active Branches:

Athletics Basketball Boxing Bridge Football
Wrestling Handball Rowing Volleyball

Sports Done Before:

Billiards Horse-Riding Bicycle Fencing
Rope Pulling Weight Lifting Hockey Gymnastics
Judo Quiver Water Sports


Most winner of the Istanbul League Championship Title (15)
Only club to win the Istanbul League Championship Title 5 times in a row (1939-1943)
The most scorer team at the Istanbul League (90 Goals in a season, 599 Goals in 8 seasons)
18 wins at 18 matches in the official league season
Most winner of the title: 'Unbeaten Champion' (7)
The only team that has the title: 'Unbeaten Champion'
The only team that played match in the name of Turkish National Team
The only team that has a Turkish Flag in its Emblem
Most winner of the 'Fair-Play' Cup (19)
Most winner of the Istanbul and Turkish Championship title in the Youth Team Football League (30)
Balkans Championship Title at Fencing
The club that had proposed the Government to legitimize "19 May Youth and Sports Festival"
The club to extend wrestling to other clubs and all around Turkey The club that has championship titles in Athletics, Fencing, Boxing, Basketball, Wrestling and Football
The club that brought pole vault activity to Turkey (Ressam Namik Ismail)
The club that had given 'gym' lectures at schools
Owner of Turkey's most wealthy facilities
The only club that owns skyscraper in Turkey
The only club that opens "sports schools" in every branch
The only club that raises football players from its youth academy
The club that has the record of unbeaten in a 56 match row
The only team that has only one lost in 2 seasons
The only team that goals 10 times in a official match, 1989-90 Beşiktaş-Adana
Demirspor: 10-0 Ali Gultiken (4), Metin Tekin (3) ve Feyyaz Ucar (3)
The only club has the record of unbeaten in a official season (48 matches)
The team that has the record of maximum wins in a row (1959-60 season 13 matches)
The club that has the maximum working period for a foreign trainer (Gordon Milne, 65 season)
First club to get ISO 9001: 2000
BJK is the only sports club to have ISO 9001: 2000 through sports departments and facilities management, marketing and selling the branded products, press, public and fan communications services

Turkish Premier Leauge
Champion in 2003
Champion in 1995
Champion in 1992
Champion in 1991
Champion in 1990
Champion in 1986
Champion in 1982
Champion in 1967
Champion in 1966
Champion in 1960
Champion in 1958
Champion in 1957
Champion in 1952
Champion in 1954
NATIONAL LEAGUE (1936 - 1950)
Champion in 1947
Champion in 1944
Champion in 1941
Champion in 1951
Champion in 1950
Champion in 1946
Champion in 1945
Champion in 1943
Champion in 1942
Champion in 1941
Champion in 1940
Champion in 1939
Champion in 1934
Champion in 1934
Champion in 1922
Champion in 1921
Champion in 1920
Champion in 1919
Cup Champion in 1998
Cup Champion in 1994
Cup Champion in 1990
Cup Champion in 1989
Cup Champion in 1975
Cup winner in 1998
Cup winner in 1994
Cup winner in 1992
Cup winner in 1989
Cup winner in 1986
Cup winner in 1974
Cup winner in 1967
Cup winner in 1997
Cup winner in 1988
Cup winner in 1977
Cup winner in 1974
Cup winner in 1947
Cup winner in 1944

TSYD CUP (Turkish Sport Writers Association Cup)
Cup winner in 1996
Cup winner in 1993
Cup winner in 1990
Cup winner in 1989
Cup winner in 1988
Cup winner in 1984
Cup winner in 1983
Cup winner in 1974
Cup winner in 1972
Cup winner in 1971
Cup winner in 1965
Cup winner in 1964

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